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Below are job descriptions for some of the most common accounting positions we can fill “For You”. For additional job descriptions, please contact one of our staffing specialists and they will be happy to assist you.

Entry Operator

Enters data from various source documents into the computer, both alpha and numeric. Key stroke average should be above 7,000 to 8,000 per hour.

Accounts Payable Clerk/Coordinator

Duties include matching vendor’s invoices with P.O.s and receiving reports, obtain approval, verify extensions, code to the general ledger, compute discounts and rebates and enter data into the A/P system.

Accounts Receivable/Billing Clerk/Coordinator

This individual prices and prepares billings to customers. They are familiar with A/R subsidiary ledgers and balancing details to control accounts. Also responsible for applying cash receipts to Client accounts. Should be able to prepare daily bank deposits and may have experience with aging analysis and collections.

Credit and Collections Specialist

Strong communication skills dealing with companies or consumers to collect overdue monies. May handle both collections and credit functions or be more oriented towards just one area.

Credit Analyst/Manager

Reviews customer’s financial statements to determine credit limits, familiar with credit reporting bureaus. Makes decisions regarding credit worthiness and responsible for maintaining customer accounts.

Payroll Specialist

Responsible for gathering and entering all data required to process payroll, including computing hours, overtime, wages, deductions, time and absence, and payroll taxes. May handle simple tasks such as reconciling data to source documents, or more advanced tasks such as computing commissions or preparing quarterly tax returns.

Payroll Manager

Supervises the entire payroll function, and is expected to stay current on any new payroll legislation. Might also be responsible for other H/R related activities such as benefits administration, pension plans and 401Ks.

Assistant Bookkeeper

Handles day to day transactions that may include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and bank reconciliations.

Full Charge Bookkeeper

This person has the responsibility for the general ledger through the trial balance. Should be able to analyze, find and correct errors/problems in the general ledger. Also prepares monthly and yearly adjustments and accruals. May also prepare financial statements. Duties might include supervising one or more accounting clerks. Technology demands of the company may include proficiency with such applications as Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks or Peachtree.

Spreadsheet Specialist

Strong experience with Excel and/or other spreadsheet packages. Able to create new documents, develop formulas, link spreadsheets and other documents, and write and execute macros, for ease in analyzing and comparing financial data.

Staff Accountant

This person generally has 1-3 years of experience analyzing accounts and reconciling differences; also responsible for monthly and yearly accruals and adjustments; and assisting in the preparation of tax returns and financial reports.

Senior Accountant

Senior Accountants generally have three or more years of experience and can handle a variety of activities including reconciling accounts, preparing financial statements, handling income statements, assisting in the preparation of budgets and maintaining fixed assets schedules. May also have supervisory responsibilities.

Public Accountant

Could be at the Staff or Senior level, working in a public accounting firm. Handles accounting functions for clients that may include write-ups, tax preparation, audits, and financial consultation and advice. Expected to have CPA certification at the Senior level.

Financial Analyst/Budget Analyst

Using established formulas and past performance, predicts future revenues and expenditures. Responsible for budgeting and forecasting, both short and long term.

Tax Accountant

Responsible for the timely gathering, reporting and payment of federal, state and local taxes. This could include corporate, payroll, sales and use, expatriate, partnership, S corporations, or franchise tax. If employed by a public accounting firm, duties could also include tax planning and tax shelters for individuals.

Tax Manager

Manages and has accountability for the reporting and payment of all federal, state and local taxes. Expected to research and implement tax reduction strategies.

Internal Auditor

Conducts financial audits for management’s review of financial systems, controls, and accuracy. May also conduct operational audits, reviewing adherence to company procedures in non-financial areas.

Audit Manager

Within a corporation, coordinates the activities and reports the findings of the audit staff to upper management. May make recommendations for improving financial or operational procedures.

Cost Accountant

Calculates the cost of products or services utilizing standardized methods appropriate for the company’s manufacturing process, analyzes variances and production costs.

Cost Accounting Manager

Responsible for assuring and/or implementing new systems to maximize accuracy of production costs and inventory valuation.

Accounting Manager

Generally oversees several accounting functions, prepares financial statements, and is capable of handling diversified accounting responsibilities. Typically payroll, receivables, payables, general accounting and cost accounting report to this person.

strong>Assistant Controller

A position found in larger companies, this person is usually responsible for a significant aspect of the company’s finances. May also handle the company’s banking and cash management functions.


In large and medium-sized companies, this individual usually holds the highest line supervisory position in the financial division. Has authority over all financial reporting and financial functions of the company. Charged with protecting the company’s financial assets.


Senior executive entrusted with the company’s short and long term financial objectives, including managing investments and arranging any necessary financing or loans.

Chief Financial Officer/VP Finance

The highest ranking financial executive, has complete responsibility for all finances of the company. Guides company policy in conjunction with other top executives.

For additional job descriptions, please contact one of our staffing specialists and they will be happy to assist you.