Office staff member taking notes.

Career lessons from working in an office

An office is an incredibly beneficial area to work. Almost every industry features clerical work as an essential component. And for young people just starting their careers, there are many ways to get into their selected industry. One way is to start out as an office staff member. Although the setting may not seem as appealing as other jobs, there are a lot of benefits that come with working behind a desk. Here are just some of those perks to look forward to.


Investing in your future

To be honest, being an accountant or an office staff assistant can often be very dull. There are a lot of numbers and logistical information that need to be tackled on a regular basis. But in order to make it in most companies, the ability to organize and use that information is imperative to the future of your career. This is often true in branding and creative agencies. You have to learn how to use the tools before you can start playing with them. Working as an accountant or office assistant will help provide such training.


Lessons within the practice

Take for instance if you wanted to be a writer for a big brand agency. You will likely start out as an assistant. Your job may require you to organize content for SEO. That might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it teaches you the fundamentals of writing content. You will need to learn the importance of deadlines, as well as writing within a fast paced environment. Think of it as a training ground for your dream job.


Balance between co-workers

Another thing that you will learn while in the office is the power of working as a team. It might sound cliché, but it is paramount to any future leadership position. A true leader knows how each of their employees’ works and has a respect for their individual style. So you will have to learn how to work alongside each of your teammates. This includes everyone from the floor manager to the accountant. Even if you are not looking to be the leader of the firm, you will still have people work around. One of the most important lessons an office can teach you is how much your responsibility trickles over onto other people.


With these lessons in your back pocket, you will be able to move forward into whatever career you wish. For more information on if you are fit to join an office staff position, be sure to check out our skills assessment and training page. For any more questions not found on our website, please feel free to contact Accountants for You.

Office staff worker taking notes.

Top 5 disciplines for working in an office setting

Whether or not you are a permanent or temporary office staff worker, the job can often be challenging. When it comes to maintaining a consistently good work ethic, it is always wise to practice a few essential disciplines. With these disciplines, you will find your office job to be a lot more productive than you anticipated.


Goal Organization

Set aside some time to just sit down and map out your goals. This can be for every day, every week, and/or every month. Your calendar makes a huge difference since it allows you to know when every assignment is due. It seems like an obvious discipline. However, it is absolutely necessary for a healthy state of mind. Both permanent and temporary office staff workers require an organized foundation.


Prioritize the load

Once you have your calendar down and ready, you will need to prioritize your work. You will often find multiple things due on the same day. Whether the projects are big or small, always put your main assignments first. After that, you can take care of the next thing. With no situation being perfect, this might mean that you have to put something off for the next day. But that is okay as long as you get the main priority assignments done.


Adapt the work to your personal flow

Part of prioritizing and staying organized is making sure that you can work at a good pace. Generally, your boss won’t mind how you work as long as you get the work done on time. In this case, try to find your own personal flow as an office staff worker. Some people like using two computer monitors instead of just one. Others prefer having some files on paper. The key is your personal style of organization. This could also include how you decorate your office. You want it to be a positive work environment. So, therefore, it is a smart idea to decorate your desk with some personal encouragement (if your company allows it). This could be anything; a picture of your family, a bobble-head, or just a colorful aesthetic. The whole purpose of your work sanctuary is to make you both comfortable and confident enough to complete your assignments. Even if you are working as temporary office staff, it is still a good idea to decorate your desk.


Take your break

A good policy is to keep your work and personal life separate. You can easily get antsy if you excessively take your work back home with you. You are only being paid for certain work hours, so don’t feel guilty about enjoying your time off. That time is necessary. This is the reason you are given breaks in between the day. People are not meant to be worked to the bone in unreasonable amounts of time. If you set aside some time to breathe, you may find yourself more energized to complete your assignments for the day.


These tips may seem simple, but they can mean the whole difference between a positive and a negative office work environment. For more information finding your own clerical job, please see our staffing positions. For any additional help, please feel free to contact us here.