From the desk of the working Mom…..

Welcome to “The Desk of the Working Mom”…..My desk, as is my life, is messy but in the end and after some digging, I can usually get things pretty well straightened out.

These recurring blog posts are going to be related to the trials and tribulations often experienced by working parents (not just the Moms).  I hope to offer tips and  tales and create an overall “experience share”. I encourage your feedback, questions and by all means….SOLUTIONS, if you can offer any suggestions to the dilemmas we’ll tackle.

Today’s subject….random non-school/daycare days.  By random, I’m referring to those days not designated and/or noted on the calendar as holidays.  While they are often scheduled and I am alerted to these at the beginning of the school year, they still seem to sneak up on me.

In NJ, there is a week in November that’s cut short due to the annual Teachers Conference that’s held in Atlantic City.  As a kid, I remember this being a very cool, pre-Thanksgiving vacation.  As a Parent, it really throws a wrench into the schedule considering I’m forced to juggle the work schedule while trying to find “fill in” daycare.

One smart solution I’ve found and I wanted to share are daycare centers that offer “drop-in daycare”.  Very often these centers require very little notice for a reservation for your child and they will charge you a per hour or per diem rate for the care.  Until recently, these centers were tough to find however in the past couple of years, I’ve seen more and more of them springing up around the area. 

Please let me know what suggestions you may be able to offer regarding “random non-school/daycare days”….I’m happy to pass them along.

–The WM (aka Heidi)