SEPTA Stories – Excuse me. May I please sit there?

I am a SEPTA Regional Rail Commuter. This blog will feature stories from the rails. Some are funny, some not so funny & some are very very strange!
My first entry is entitled “Excuse me. May I please sit there?”
To set the seen; It’s my morning commute from Jenkintown to Suburban Station. I take any train between 6:00 AM & 7:00 AM. If you’re not a Regional Rail Commuter; most SEPTA trains have one side with 3 seats and the other side with 2 seats. At each end of the car there are the 4 seaters (my favorite). Oh, by the way. It’s important to know I am 6’4” and weigh 260 lbs.
Question? How many times have you gotten on the train and said to yourself. “Where Do I Sit!”
I scope out the train and realize the only open seats are the middle seat on the 3 seat side of the aisle. I find the row with the 2 smallest & thinnest people. Why? Because, I’d like to fit in the seat and not sit on top of someone!
As I walk down the aisle some people are looking up at me with the look saying “You better not sit here, I’m not moving!” While others are pretending they’re reading or asleep.
I choose my row carefully. I look down and the middle seat is filled with a briefcase or a bag or something else.
You stand there waiting for them to move their stuff. There are people standing behind you waiting to get by. The seated passengers just look at you.
Their look is saying: “Oh you want to sit here? Well my things are here” Or they just stare at you and don’t move anything. (If only looks could kill)
You look down again and they make you say “Excuse me. May I please sit there?” They grunt and groan & eventually move their things. You have now officially ruined their day!
I didn’t ask for their first born. I wasn’t trying to steal their things. I just wanted to sit down for the next 20 minutes. What happened to plain old common courtesy?
So if you see me coming down the aisle on a crowded train & I’m looking at you, it means; I’ll most likely say “Excuse me. May I please sit there?” I’m sorry, but I really didn’t mean to ruin your day.
Happy Rails!
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