The Value Of An Accounting Temp Staffing Agency

What can an organization do towards the end of its financial year when the accounts team is burning the midnight oil to get all the books in order, only for the organization’s most valuable accountant to call in sick? Instead of forcing your employee to continue with his or her work while on the hospital bed, the best chance of meeting the accounting deadlines and caring for your staff is getting a temporary accountant.

However, where do you get a good accountant at the last minute on temporary staffing basis? Here is where accounting temp staffing agencies come in.

They Respond Fast

If you think of how much time it takes to advertise for temporary accounting work, to hold interviews, and to bring someone on board, your organization will have suffered a major blow. Agencies that deal with providing temporary staff have the ability to send a highly qualified accountant to continue from where the permanent one left off. These agencies have already conducted interviews; they know the accountant’s skills and experience, and they can send the accountant within the shortest possible time.

They Have The Best Fit


Accounting staffing agencies have a database of accountants willing to work on a temporary basis, a database that also contains the qualifications and experience that each one has. The above means that depending on the circumstances; the agency can find the most qualified individual to meet the need. Some situations require a temporary accountant with specialized skills that the current ones lack while others need accountants with basic qualifications; the agencies have access to all.

They Deal With The Temporary Accountants

If you conduct an interview and settle for someone who is simply not working out, you will have to terminate the contract and start the recruiting process again. However, when an agency sends you a professional who is not the right fit, you just communicate with the agency, and they will send you a replacement sooner rather than later. It is common knowledge that a bad hire, even for a short period, can cost an organization losses in the tunes of hundreds of thousands of dollars; do not risk it.

Qualities To Look Out For In Temporary Staffing

At one time, every organization will require temporary staffing services. As the name suggests, a temporary employee is an individual who comes to fill a position in an organization for a short period, owing to some reasons.

The two main reasons for hiring a temporary employee include employee absence due to maternity, illness, vacation, etc., and sudden work demands such as seasonal peaks, individual demanding projects, etc.

Hiring a temporary employee can be more challenging than permanent recruiting because the company cannot afford to underperform even for the shortest period.

Here are the primary qualities that companies look for in a temporary employee:

High Qualifications

Unlike a new employee who has a probation period to learn the ropes of the organization, a temporary employee has to hit the ground running. An individual who has received the training and experience to fill the open position elsewhere would be a great fit because he or she would need little to no training.

Willingness ToLearn

Some highly experienced professionals get to a point where they think they know everything, a very dangerous point to reach for anyone. A temporary employee must be willing to learn how to do what he or she is good at in a different way or learn the same thing afresh, to meet the company demands.

Ease OfAdaptability

A temporary employee has the task of adapting into a new organization very fast since there is no option here because every organization has a culture that is different from all other organizations. A temporary employee has to adapt to the culture and deliver as if he or she has always been a member of that particular organization, a quality that people acquire through experience.

Passion ForEvery Task

A temporary employee must attend to every task with a passion that the permanent employees should look up to, because the end goal, even for a temporary employee, is to get the job on a permanent basis. Someone who knows that he or she will be out of the job in a few months will choose to either outdo him or herself during that short period or just give up; you need someone who will outdo him or herself.3033995-poster-p-1-everything-you-need-to-know-before-hiring-a-temp

How An Accountant Can Move From A Temporary To A Permanent Position

The job of an accountant is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet, especially because such an employee is dealing with the most sensitive aspect of every organization – the money. Therefore, hiring an accountant, whether permanent or temporary, is a headache because you have to get the perfect fit.

Temporary accounting workhas its benefits, but not all temporary accountants want to remain in that same position. The following is what most temporary accountants do to become permanent.

They Do More Than Is Expected

If a temporary accountant does what the permanent one does, he or she will never attract any attention. In addition to accomplishing the assigned task perfectly and in a timely manner, a temporary accountant should do extra to get the job. Employees who move from temp to perm always ask “what else can I do?”

They Become Irreplaceable

A temp can cause the people at the top of an organization to change the structure to accommodate him or her. By acquiring further skills and knowledge and implementing new and efficient methods of doing the job makes a temp receive a renewed contract. Whether such an individual will go back to school or apply something they learned in another organization, real change is always welcome.

They Become Part Of The Team

A temporary accountant usually has a short period to understand how the team works, let alone complete the assignment at hand. One way of becoming part of the team is by breaking the ice as early as possible, and this involves making friends with the new colleagues and attending social functions with them outside work. When employers consider a temp to be part of the team, chances of letting them go will be slim.

They Ask For TheJob


Whether they choose to ask for the job directly or indirectly, temporary employees who eventually become permanent make their intentions clear. An average temporary accountant who shows interest in joining the organization will have a better chance of becoming permanent when compared to a great accountant who shows no interest.