From The Desk Of The Working Mom

From the Desk of the Working Mom….

Now that we’re back to school, the chore of packing school lunches has been re-instated.

I dread…loathe….absolutely detest this task.

I will literally waste as much time as I can in the morning, to avoid the daily dance with my pantry and refrigerator that is figuring out what my 3 darlings are going to eat that day.  This one likes cream cheese but that one can’t stand it and with the third, I never even get around to bagel spread options because she’s too busy deciding if her bagel has too much “toaster burn” for her to even consider eating it.

It’s some kind of reverse psychology trick when they follow me in to the kitchen, watch me painstakingly pack their lunchboxes, only for them to unzip the boxes…and remove each item one by one and offer their critique.

Seriously?   In the time it takes us to accomplish the lunch task, I could’ve negotiated a union contract, changed the oil in my car AND figured out who shot JR.

In the end I make it through only to have the lunch boxes returned to me at the end of the day, with half the contents still in there. Why? Because they weren’t hungry.


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