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After a brief hiatus, the Working Mom is back with a new post!

From the desk of…

The Working Mom

Every summer, I work from home the last 2 weeks before school starts because camp has ended and the options to fill my children’s time are slim and expensive.

I’ve always equated the gap between camp ending and school starting, to the inequity in the number of hot dog buns in the bun pack (typically 10), to hot dogs in the hot dog pack (typically 8) as in the fact that there are about 10 weeks of summer, and about 8 weeks of camp (7 weeks, in many cases).

As a Working Mom, I think of camp as “Summer’s daycare”.  Am I flying solo with questioning the scheduling or is everyone making analogies between food packaging and their kids’ summer activities?

Let me know…I’ll be here, re-purposing the leftover hot dog buns.




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