I’m going to be claiming “it’s baby weight” until my kid is 18!!!!

I’m baaaack……
The Working Mom is now Mom to more…..3 to be exact.  We’ve recently added a beautiful baby girl to our family, and you’ll be happy to know that in the 8 short weeks since her arrival, I already have filled 2 notebooks with notes to be included in future WM posts!
I am back to working full-time now, but I’m doing it from home until the beginning of September.  I’m lucky because my job can be done from home when necessary (ie someone is sick etc.) but I’ve never in my 15 years in the workforce, worked from home full-time, for any length of time.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like, and now I have the opportunity (thanks to a VERY understanding Boss) to find out. 
I’m entering my third week at home and I can tell you that I’ve learned a few things already:
  • Staff meetings are key–  So in my home office, my staff consists of my Husband, son, and now my 2 daughters.  They are pretty great at their jobs which while I’m home consist entirely of pretending like I’m not at home.  Before I went back to work, I sat everyone down and explained the difference between “school-day” (as my Son calls Monday-Friday) Mommy and “weekend” Mommy.  I used two Barbie dolls to illustrate my point with my middle Daughter shouting out, “Paradise Pool Barbie doesn’t go to work Mommy”. In any case, they seemed to get my point that while I’m working from home, everything is the same as it is when I’m working in my office….in other words, all questions go to Daddy until I get “home from work”.  So far so good.
  • Casual every days are over-rated–  Now I can honestly say that I’ve longed for a “Casual Friday” now and then when my jeans and a sweater would be acceptable work attire, however, even with the opportunity to work in my pajamas (lovely visual I’m sure!), I’ve decided to get up each morning the same way I do when I’m commuting into the office….putting on my regular work clothing.  Now you’re sitting there reading this and thinking “this third kid has really done her in…she’s lost her mind”  but in fact, I feel more productive and able to tackle my workload when I’m dressed in work clothes, than I ever could dressed in sweats and a t-shirt.  The clothes get me into the “work” frame of mind and out of the “housework” one.
  • Warning….Lose the belt Working at home is NOT good for the diet.  So while I’m sitting at my desk zipping through my work, I’m able (quite easily) to tune out all of the other things that might need to be addressed in my house (ie the floors that need mopping, the clothes that need folding etc).  The one thing I cannot tune-out however, is the giant pantry sitting in my kitchen that is filled to the brim with every snack imaginable.  You know all of those things you buy for your kids that you swear you’re never going to eat yourself (think cookies, fruit snacks and tastykakes), well I’m eating them.  It’s aweful!  Their ready availability is my downfall.  I am working on some resolutions to this situation but so far, none have worked, so for now,  I’m writing this off to “baby weight”.
  • Savor the commute-  The absolute worst part of my job, is my commute.  It’s easy…don’t get me wrong…I just jump on a train and walk a bit and I’m in my office.  But when all is said and done, I spend a good two and a half hours out of my day, commuting.  On the contrary, the BEST part of working from home…is the commute.  Taking that short stroll down the hallway, I am able to get my workday started MUCH earlier than when I’m working in my office and I’m also able to work much longer.  I enjoy the fact that when my workday is done, and I turn off my computer, I simply step out of my home office and immerse myself in whatever’s going on in the house…..typically a lot.  I end up getting more quality time for my work, and more quality family time as well!  It’s win-win!
 And so…my experiment continues and I’m hoping for continued success.
Just keep your fingers crossed that I rectify this snacking situation and quick!  Or else I’m going to be claiming “it’s baby weight” until my kid is 18!!!!
Until next time…
The Working Mom
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